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Modern. Simple. Innovative.

A More Modern Toothbrush For Your Teeth.


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Everywhere with you

Everywhere you go, take a smile with you and Smartlive.

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Your ideal toothbrush

A perfect toothbrush for you with a higher frequency up to 45000 vibrations/minute. 5 brushing modes (Clean, Polish, Whitening, Gumcare and Sensitive) and intensity up to 3 levels.


Changeable Head

IPX7 Water-proof Body

Solid Button

5 Brushing Modes

3 Intensity Levels

Powerful Battery

Benefits of Smartlive Acoustic Electric Toothbrush

10x Better Plague Removal.

A better plague removal performance within 30 days.

Whiter teeth

A whiter teeth for you in comparison with previous within 14 days.

Healthier Gum

Help to reduce gum-breeding within 30 days.

Our Refill-pack

4 in 1 pack, satisfy your usage for one year.

-Benjamin Franklin

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One to One 1 Year Replacement Warranty

One to One replace for your defective product

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Compared to other electric toothbrush, our electric toothbrush using a special motor known as Magnetic Suspension motor, which is more powerful and long lasting motor.

We are using DuPont bristles and it is softer, rounded head and suitable for sensitive teeth.


There are total 5 brushing modes: Cleaning, Whitening, Polishing, Gumcare and Sensitive.

This is strongly dependent on your choice. For example, in morning, we can use either Whitening or Polishing to make our teeth brighter and whiter.In night, Cleaning is more suitable. Gumcare and Sensitive mode are more advisable for users with sensitive teeth.


There are total 3 intensity levels : Normal, Medium and High.

It takes 2 minutes for a whole brushing cycle to be completed. For each 30 seconds, it will remind once to inform user that 30 seconds is passed.

It performs high stroke up to 45000 times/minute to blast away your plague.

It is advised by dentist to replace your brush head/bristle once every 3 months or sooner if the bristle is frayed or after each ill.


Yes,of course you can as our DuPont bristle is soft and safe for braces.

Each time fully charged takes about 4 hours, and it can perform up to 180 days.

This product is more suitable for users who aged 13 and above, but don’t worry, we will have a launching for kid electric toothbrush soon.